Generating Ideas & Conceptual Design

We provide proper techniques to determine data analytics’ potential and AI application suitable for your company, which enables you to take a step-by-step approach to becoming a Data-driven company.
Offers Generating Ideas & Conceptual Design

Data Map

We create a data-map including all of your company’s available data sources and related ties within the organization. In the process we visualize company-specific data flows, risk factors, data utilization and other data-related impact and development. Utilizing this data-map enables you to derive risks, process optimizations and/or new data-driven use cases.

Data Value Check

Based on cost-benefit logic we generate promising data-driven use cases for your company via Data Value Check. You will receive a substantiated prediction in terms of viability when it comes to your data-driven use cases. Economic and technical aspects, available data and the legal perspective (DSGVO, copyright, etc.) are taken into account. Obtaining an overall view makes it easier for deciding on your next steps and becoming aware of requirements and opportunities within the data analytics’ environment.


AI Process Automation

AI Process Automation is a creative and practical approach inspired by Google Design Sprint to identify the most promising tasks and business processes qualified for either fully or partially automation via AI. We use AI maps to develop and evaluate concepts for process automation. On demand we provide concepts via technical prototypes for user testing.

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Data-driven Business Modelling

Specific use of data allows you to design new business models. It enables to innovate Data-driven business areas and division by using Data Service Cards and Data Service/Product Canvas developed by Know-Center.

Robert Ginthör

Head of Business Unit Consulting, CTO