Scientific Prototype

The Medical Quiz is a tool that supports tracking and mastering personal skills and competencies through game based and reflective learning. The goal of the Medical Quiz is to transfer theoretical knowledge into practice to improve one’s own work quality and work performance.

The Medical Quiz offers two types of quizzes – quizzes with and without time limit.

A quiz itself consists of content related as well as reflective questions. Reflective questions appear in the beginning, in the middle and/or at the end of a quiz. They are adapted to performance measures, for example, achieved score and frequency of quiz usage.

In the beginning, reflective questions should motivate to think about learning progress. In the middle, reflective questions motivate to think about usefulness of posed questions and remind about significant situations during work. Reflective questions in the end should motivate to think about insights during quiz play.

Use Case: The Medical Quiz was used and evaluated with nurses who are doing their medical studies to become a nurse working at a stroke unit. They used the tool to learn and reflect about knowledge and experiences relevant for their professional work lives.