Product Demo

One of the key assets of European countries is the wealth of their cultural heritage. Therefore it is essential to allow citizen to access the related information, and to help them to conduct tasks like teaching and research. In course of the European research project EEXCESS, the Know-Center has developed an integrated federated recommender system that allows to access the diversity of cultural heritage catalogues of a number of different organisations. These organisation range from libraries to museums, which all already provide different forms of search functionality. EEXCESS allows to retrieve information from these sources via an unified access. In addition, a number of algorithms have been developed to ease the information access of its users, including diversification, de-duplication, query expansion, learn-to-rank and many more techniques. The EEXCESS demo application is designed to showcase a selection of these algorithms, for example to compare two different search configurations. Therefore this tool is designed to help new providers of cultural heritage in the on-boarding process.